Boone County Elections


The second week of IE Lab investigations focused on the official website  of the Boone County, Missouri ( This website serves the County’s residents by delivering easy, online access to many of the services provided by Boone County. Residents have access to commission meeting minutes, personal property information, the health department, education, the police department and other public information residents would want to know about Boone County.

An important issue this week is the Missouri State Election held across the entire state of Missouri. Analysts believe voter apathy within Boone Country could cause a major shakeup of some constitutional amendments.

Considering the stake in this statewide election, the IE Lab investigated electorate preparedness in this election. In a single-task protocol, the IE lab examined the efficiency of the Boone  County website towards handling the upcoming elections.


Find out how to register to vote in the upcoming Missouri State Elections.  The task for participants is to navigate to the point of being able to register to vote.


There were three participants in all, two nationals (American) and an international student.


Even though there are many paths in order to register to vote, the ideal and shortest path is to go to the county clerk, then to the elections center. None of the participants took this path. They took a longer path when finding the register site.


Fig. 1 Heat map of participant activity. Two participants used the search button as shown on the top right corner


Fig 2.  Registering to vote.  Participants finally got to the registration process after a long and winding path.


Fig 3. Gaze plot of participant activity. Search is scattered all around the website.


Fig 4 Cluster of participant activities