Tools: Technology and Equipment


Our tools

Usability Testing Software: Morae

Dr. Isa Jahnke, the director of the IE Lab, is instructing Sara, a doctoral student, how to use Morae

Dr. Isa Jahnke, the director of the IE Lab, is instructing Sara, a doctoral student, how to use Morae

Our lab is equipped with one of the best recognized user testing software available on the market, Morae, to conduct usability testing for our clients. Morae allows us to perform usability testing sessions by recording and remotely observing the user’s interaction, incorporate surveys and efficiently analyze and edit the final results.


Eyetracking (X2-60 & Tobii Pro Glasses 2)

Eyetracking devices

IE lab is also equipped with Tobii Pro X2-60, a screen-based eye tracker, and Tobii Pro Glasses 2, a wearable eye tracker, to accommodate for a wide array of human behavior research. These devices allow us capture exactly where the participant is looking, timing, as well as fixations in a research lab or in a non-lab setting.


Qualtrics Survey Tool

Developing surveys with Qualtrics

IE Lab utilizes Qualtrics Survey Tool to conduct online data collection and analysis for our research projects. Through the use of Qualtrics, our team can track email invites and reminder emails, instantly share our survey data and results, graphically visualize data, and download data into popular stats platforms for further research.


Prototyping tools including Axure and Balsamiq

Prototyping with Axure

Our team holds expertise in designing and developing sitemaps and digital prototypes, using popular tools on the market like Axure and Balsamiq. Prototyping can help translate an idea into a basic working version of a system and allow usability evaluation and redesign for the enhancement of precision, effectiveness, and usefulness of the system before the system is actually built.


Optimal Workshop

IE lab team also uses Optimal Workshop’s tools to conduct card sorting and tree testing. Based on heatmaps generated by tools like Chalkmark, Treejack etc., we can identify usability related issues of a system like issues in navigation and information architecture.


Zoom web-conferencing tool

Our IE Lab uses Zoom as the web-conferencing tool to meet with clients and participants. With Zoom, we can observe and analyze the users’ interaction with the system under evaluation and deliver high quality audio and video recordings to our clients.


Other technologies

Besides the aforementioned technologies, IE Lab is also equipped with other technologies like 360 video camera, smart glasses like Ricon Jet & Google Glasses, and smart watches like Android smartwatch and Apple watch to stay current with the latest technology trends, explore, and utilize their possibilities in doing innovative research and usability testing.


Our facilities

The laboratory provides a flexible environment for conducting a variety of usability studies.

Control Room

The control room allows us to monitor and record user activity remotely using Morae. As the users interact with the tested technology, our lab can watch and record patterns that arise during the test in real time.


Experience Room

The experience room is an area where users can interact with the technology in an informal setting. This environment provides an arena where the user can provide our team with authentic valuable insight about how to enhance the usability of the application and/or technology in a situation that is comfortable for our users.


Focus Group Areas

The lab also contains a focus group area that allows multiple users to congregate and discuss how to improve the technology. The multiple user aspect allows our lab to facilitate meaningful discussion among the participants and work together to uncover opportunities for improvement.