The IE Lab offers services in the following categories:


The IE Lab closely works with the client during the evaluation, following the outline below:

  1. Assess Project

    Our process begins with an assessment of the client’s needs. After that, the client and the IE Lab agree upon the scope, timing of work and fees. The IE Lab manager assumes responsibility for the client study with a team of graduate researchers.

  2. Design Study

    In collaboration with the client, IE Lab team determines the most appropriate testing methods: those suitable to the particular product and development phase. IE Lab then organizes the experts, resources and test participants as required to conduct the study.

  3. Conduct Study

    Next, the usability study is conducted by IE Lab staff in some combination of methods which may include expert review, user observations, and interviews. The data collected during the study is then analyzed and a report prepared.

  4. Deliver Results

    During a presentation of our report to the client, we provide recommendations on:

    • How to improve the usability of existing applications or hardware
    • Best practices of new or redesigned applications or hardware