Usability Evaluation Studies at Tamkang University – IE Lab Partner Institution


Dr. Chun-Yi Danny Shen and graduate students within Tamkang’s Department of Educational Technology have collected data to evaluate a new Missouri Department of Agriculture website written in Chinese. Mr. Hank Ma, Director of the Missouri Agriculture Office in Taipei, had the new website constructed by his assistant Ms. Phoebe Chen to assist in their efforts to promote the sale of Missouri products in Taiwan.

The usability group at Tamkang recruited representatives from three companies in Taiwan to serve as test participants in evaluating the new website. One of the companies was the distributor of Missouri’s own Budweiser Beer in Taiwan. The data will be analyzed over the next few weeks and Dr. Shen will present a report to Mr. Ma with the results of the study and recommendations for changes to improve the usability of the website.

Dr. Shen and his graduate student team are conducting a second usability study now for a web application called “Export” for an external client in Taiwan during the fall of 2008.