Thailand Cyber University E-Learning Usability Laboratory Update


Dr. Anuchai Theeraroungchaisri, Deputy Director of the Thailand Cyber University (TCU) consortium of universities, has notifed the IE Lab that space for their new Usability Laboratory is will be assigned soon. Chulalongkorn University, TCU Partner Institution in Bangkok, is close to assigning space for the laboratory. Dr. Theeraroungchaisri hopes that the new laboratory will be operational by January 1, 2009.

Ms. Tanyapar Jirathamthanakul plans to conduct TCU’s first usability studies E-Learning courseware over the next few months in a temporary usability facility set up in TCU’s offices within the Thailand Commission on Higher Education. The IE Lab’s Dr. Joi Moore and Ms. Ngoc Vo have been working on procedures upon how best to evaluate E-Learning courseware and will be advising Ms. Jirathamthanakul during this process.

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