Mizzou Center launch


On Tuesday, May 18th 2010, the Mizzou Center was launched in Blue Springs, MO. The center is going to focus on establishing and developing connections between MU research and Kansas City-area industry leaders.

The center is to become an operation base for six MU programs, including the MU School of Information Science and Learning Technologies, which will provide website usability testing services for businesses and government agencies as well as design training programs and information services.
During the event, invited guests and officials had an opportunity to visit offices/booths of all the represented programs. Presentations conducted by the SISLT included the following:

  • Usability Services provided by the Information Experience (IE) lab (presented by the IE lab faculty and staff);
  • Needs Assessment and Performance Pyramid (presented by John F. Wedman, Director, SISLT);
  • eThemes website (presented by Laura Wedman, eThemes Project Director).

The opening was attended by MU Chancellor Brady Deaton, Provost Brian Foster, Vice Chancellor Rob Duncan, assistant to the Provost for Strategic Opportunities Annie Sobel, Dean of the MU College of Engineering Jim Thompson, Blue Springs Economic Development representative Ann Judd and many others.