IE Lab partner in Mongolia


The IE Lab global partnership will reach Mongolia soon with the signing of the Memorandum Of Understanding between the IE Lab and the Mongolian e-Knowledge Campus, a non-profit educational institution dedicated to the development of e-learning in Mongolia. Ms.Tsetseg-Ulzii Yadamsuren, founder of the Mongolian e-Knowledge Campus visited the University of Missouri’s Allen Institute and the IE Lab during the week of July 20-25, 2009. Ms. Yadamsuren met with eLearning experts at the University of Missouri. Additionally, she and her colleague Uugangerel Bold attended the usability training at the IE Lab. Ms.Yadamsuren presented her e-learning needs assessment study in Mongolia at the Allen Institute. The Mongolia e-Knowledge Campus is planning to open a usability lab and conduct studies on evaluation of e-learning courses in Mongolian language.