Distinguished Visitors to IE Lab


The IE Lab has recently played host to a several distinguished visitors from the UM System and MU Administration. Each of the visitors received a short briefing from faculty members and saw a demonstration of data collection techniques conducted by IE Lab graduate researchers.

College of Education Interim Dean Rose Porter arranged each of the visits and served as host during their tour.

Thursday, October 16, 2008, MU Provost Brian Foster was briefed by Sanda Erdelez, Joi Moore and Oliver Chen and Said Alghenaimi, Andrew Tawfik andNgoc Vo

Thursday, December 11, 2008, the Lab was visited by the senior leadership from MU’s Development Office, including:

* David Housh, Vice-Chancellor of Development
* Jim Salmo, Assoc. Vice-Chancellor of Development
* Bill Sheehan, Assoc. Vice-Chancellor of Development
* Todd McCubbin, Assistant Vice-Chancellor of Alumni Relations
* David Clithero, Associate Vice-Chancellor of Development

John Wedman, Neeley Current and Elliott McClelland served as guides during the tour. The IE Lab discussion and demonstration was conducted by Sanda Erdelez and Kim Thompson and facilitated by researchers Borchuluun Yadamsuren, Anindita Paul Xin Wang and Andrew Tawfik. Researcher Ngoc Vo took photos during the visit to the Allen Institute.

Friday, January 16, UM President Gary Forsee and UM Director of Governmental Relations Marty Oetting were hosted by Interim Dean Rose Porter during a visit to the Allen Institute. Other visitors on the tour were Dean James Thompson and Dale Musser from the MU College of Engineering and College of Education visitors Glenn Good, Linda Bennett, Deb Carr, Jay Scribner, Mike Pullis, and John Lannin. John Wedman, Tom Kochtanek and Elliott McClelland led the tour for the group. Researcher Ngoc Vo served as photographer during the tour. IE Lab faculty during the demonstration were Sanda Erdelez, Joi Moore and Oliver Chen and were assisted by graduate researchers Borchuluun Yadamsuren, Anindita Paul, and Andew Tawfik.