Use of GIS heuristics in Expert Review of CIM


In August 2009, the Information Experience Lab presented the results from a heuristic analysis conducted for Community Issues Management. The goal of CIM is to aid community programs and organizations across the country by providing a library of information and datasets that can be manipulated through a suite of geographical information system (GIS) tools. The tools allow users to manipulate and combine datasets to reveal new trends that can help guide the decision making of organizations.

The evaluation of these tools by the IE Lab involved a heuristic walkthrough whereby three reviewers analyzed the site individually aided by a detailed heuristic checklist. Because very little research has been conducted about GIS heuristic analysis, the team conducted a literature review to develop a heuristic checklist specialized for the purposes of usability analysis for these unique GIS systems. The team later reconvened and discussed the issues and opportunities for further site development. The Information Experience lab researched involved with the project includes Andrew Tawfik, Anindita Paul, Xin Wang, and Jiazhen Wang.