Assessing the relationship between IT sophistication and pressure ulcer detection, prevention, and communication in Missouri nursing homes.


In partnership with Dr. Alexander, Assistant Professor at the Sinclair School of Nursing and a member of the IE lab, Said Alghenaimi RN, are currently conducting a study of the role IT sophistication plays in pressure ulcer detection, prevention, and communication in nursing homes. We have randomly selected 16 nursing homes that agreed to participate from a pool of 200 Missouri-based nursing homes with variable levels of IT sophistication. Prior to recruiting the 16 nursing homes the pool of homeswere stratified into three categories of high, moderate and low IT sophistication. The 16 homes were recruited from each of these categories to investigate how variable levels of IT supports pressure ulcer prevention and care in these settings. We are interested to know how technologies are used to communicate about pressure ulcer care, assessing user’s perception about the usefulness and usability of technologies used, examining extent of use of technologies used, and determining how integrated technologies are within resident care, clinical support, and administrative efforts.