A New Open Access Book About User and Learner Experience Research


The editors are Matt Schmidt, Univ. of Florida, Andrew Tawfik, Univ. of Memphis, Isa Jahnke, Univ. of Missouri, and Yvonne Earnshaw. Matt and Andrew worked at the IElab many years ago! So this new book is truly inter-generational. The book Learner and User Experience Research: An Introduction for the Field of Learning Design & Technology is open access at EdTech Books (https://edtechbooks.org/ux) since Oct. 20. The editors have endeavored to promote the book across multiple venues, including social media, personal networks, and professional conferences. Indeed, the editorial team has engaged in a concerted social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook and presented extensively on the book and the included chapters at the recent AECT conference (https://www.aect.org/convregis.php). Our presentations included a usability workshop (https://members.aect.org/2020VirtualWorkshops/), a panel session (https://youtu.be/7IKRgIahLuo), and a book sharing session (https://youtu.be/zYxCiXArNwA).