Client Stories

User Experience Study of A Web Application in Cybersecurity Infrastructure of Health Applications at Mizzou (Honestbroker)

Time Frame:

Fall 2019


  • Interviews
  • Sociotechnical walkthrough
Dr. Prasad Calyam, College of Engineering, University of Missouri-Columbia

To investigate the current practices of users with the manual process of requesting big data for healthcare research and to provide design recommendations for a future semi-automated system (called Honest Broker)

When researchers want to access healthcare big data, they have to go through a process of requesting the data from the data providers. Research shows that the process of fulfilling a data request takes months because of the complexity of data retrieval following governance process, which in turn affects research studies and clinical decisions. IE lab aimed to understand the bottlenecks in the current practices from the lens of data requester and data provider in order to provide design recommendations for development of a future semi-automated system.

Results unpacked the entire workflow from filling a form to finally receiving the big data. Results show lack of communication and lack of trust between the data provider and data requesters. The results help to improve the design of a future semi-automated system.