Client Stories

Usability Research for St. Charles City County Library Website

Time Frame:

Spring 2017


  • Prototype analysis
  • SUS
  • Task-based usability test
  • Think-aloud
St. Charles City-County Library (SCCCL)

Identify the usability and user experience issues in the prototype for the new SCCOL website.

In May 2017, the IE Lab conducted a usability evaluation of the St. Charles City-County Library (SCCCL) website during its prototype stage of development. Eighteen library patrons participated in the study. The eighteen participants were divided into six groups, based upon library user personas developed by SCCCL. Specific tasks were created for each persona type in order to evaluate user interactions and identify design problems of the prototype website.

A member of the IE Lab team met with each participant individually for up to an hour during which participants performed tasks on the prototype of the library website. Each participant completed six to eight task prompts that were based upon the persona group to which they were assigned. The sessions were recorded with Morae – an usability software that allows the capture of participants’ mouse clicks and cursor movements on the prototype interface, as well as the audio and video recording of the participant.

The prototype of the SCCCL website has a lot of potential; however, the study with participants indicated that there is still room for improvement. Some of the key recommendations the IE Lab made to improve the website include the findability of resource content, the robustness of footer to aid users in the site navigation, and the choice of terminology in navigation bars.

St. Charles City-County Library website

St. Charles City-County Library website