Client Stories

Media Innovation Space: A Comparative Systems Review

Time Frame:

Spring 2017


  • Comparative review
  • Rapid prototyping
RJI Fellow, Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Associate Professor, Scripps College of Communication, Ohio University

Assess whether a current system(s) exists that may support the learning, community, and social needs of the Media Innovation Space tool.

Media Innovation Space is a tool that is intended to offer a Grow-in-Place model that may consist of a distributed, hybrid online/face-to-face offerings in which users may create profiles, showcase their work, access resources for Just-In- Time learning, and foster strategic partnerships. The primary audience for the Media Innovation Space is student entrepreneurs and the space will serve as a virtual accelerator for startups run by journalist students.

Two phases were conducted for the study:
Phase 1. Technology/System Review & Needs Assessment:
IE Lab compared Dr. Ferrier’s Media Innovation Space system requirements with existing systems functionality, interaction design, navigation, layout and aesthetics.

Phase 2. Sitemap & Wireframe Prototype Development
With direct input from Dr. Michelle Ferrier, IE Lab:

  1. Created workflows for the site: graphical representation of actions and activities of users on site
  2. Developed a basic sitemap for the site: important for understanding the content organization

Developed low fidelity wireframe prototypes for the site: generated wireframes to show page structure and content requirements for individual pages. (Design tools: Axure RP and Balsamiq software)

In Phase 1, a report provided sample interaction design, features and functions that may meet the design requirements for the Media Entrepreneurship system.

In Phase 2, the workflow and basic sitemap for the site were provided. Also, a low fidelity wireframe in Axure RP and Balsamiq software for five main pages were created.