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LeXMizzou — a Learning Expedition@Mizzou

Time Frame:

Fall 2017


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LeXMizzou Project, led by Dr. Isa Jahnke, Associate Professor in the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies

Create meaningful learning that goes beyond classroom learning and supports learners to explore and connect topics and theoretical concepts, augmenting information with physical objects in the real world (LeXMizzou, 2015)

LeXMizzou. (2018). About. Retrieved from Learning Expedition at Mizzou — LeXMizzou

The overall goal of the LeXMizzou project is to give students access to become game designers for learning. Students design, develop, and evaluate a location-based augmented reality mobile game around the campus of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The LeXMizzou project started in September 2015 and ended December 2017. Throughout the entire project lifecycle, IE Lab continuously provided usability study support for the project, covering UX fundamentals, design lifecycle, instruments, tools, presentations and training on usability study.

On October 26, 2017, IE Lab researchers provided a presentation on how to conduct usability studies for the LeXMizzou student teams. The presentation included two parts: a presentation of some fundamentals of usability/UX study (presented by IE Lab manager Neeley Current and researcher Hao He), and a working session that helped teams develop their usability plan (hosted by IE Lab researcher Minh Pham).

LexMizzou Participants

LexMizzou Participants