Client Stories

Evaluation of

Time Frame:

Fall 2011


  • Task-based usability test
  • Think-aloud
Jim Spencer, President of

Evaluate and improve the usability and user experience of the website.

Process: is an innovative online news service that connects users with ‘Multiple sources to help provide the real story.’ was established as a start-up company with strong ties to the Missouri School of Journalism at MU. The IE Lab worked with Jim Spencer, President of, and his staff to determine what usability studies should be conducted before went public.

A rapid user-centered iterative approach was used in the study. A two-part study with potential users conducting tasks and providing verbal feedback was recorded and analyzed. In a one-week period, the study was designed, data was collected and analyzed, and a findings report was delivered to with actionable feedback. took the feedback, made immediate changes to the website, and a second study was conducted in similar fashion soon thereafter.