Client Stories

Comprehensive Training for Risk-based Inspection of Foreign Food Imports

Time Frame:

Fall 2020


  • Follow-up Interviews
  • Heuristics Evaluation
  • Learning Efficacy Study
  • Online Course Development
  • Task-based usability test
  • Think-aloud
College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (CAFNR)

CAFNR, working with agencies of the federal government (FDA, USDA) and the private sector, sought to design and test a training course to provide food import inspection managers with the knowledge and techniques to conduct risk-based food import inspections. IE lab focused on creating and refining a 2-3-hour self-paced online course to ensure learners received a high-quality training experience.


The IE Lab team worked closely with food import experts to design the course. This team attended several meetings and coordinated the process of converting content into learning modules. The learning modules consisted of text, video, images, activities, and assessments. Furthermore, a second IE Lab team conducted user and learning experience tests to determine the overall quality of the training course.


User Experience studies:

  • Users prefer more interactive videos
  • Activities need more instructions
  • Users would like an organized glossary of resources
  • The course would benefit from a Help function

Learner Experience study:

  • Post-test scores were significantly higher than pre-test scores for beginning learners.
  • The mean guessing rate decreased from 74% on pre-tests to 15% on post-tests.

Further information:

The study will be published, the team is working on a publication.


Course Landing Screen

Course Landing Screen

Course Interface

Course Interface