Client Stories

A User Experience Study of Content Creators Using 360° Video and VR Environments

Time Frame:

Spring 2019


  • SUS
  • Task-based usability test
  • Think-aloud
Thomas Seymat, Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow: VR Editor of Euronews

The IE Lab were asked to conduct a usability evaluation of the mockup. The goal of the IE Lab study was to evaluate the client’s web mockup, more specifically, to collect feedback from users, whether the users find the tool usable and want to use it which depends on user interaction and satisfaction.

Description of the tool:

Thomas Seymat developed a mock-up of a tool for immersive (360 video/VR) content creators so they can test their content and gather qualitative data on how their audience experience it. Thomas Seymat developed the mockup for content creators so they can create better VR/360 experiences by listening to their audience. Further information


The study was organized into two phases.

Phase I: Data collection instruments were developed and a pilot test was conducted to test the interview protocol.

Phase II: Four testing sessions were involved in this phase. Data collected from 12 participants a demographic survey, walkthrough and follow-up interviews on the mockup and report page and a system usability scale survey. IE lab analyzed the results and provided recommendations to improve the mockup.


Study participants felt that this is a very good tool to get viewer’s feedback. It was extremely easy for the participants to navigate.

The question prompt was not consistent and users had difficulty anticipating the placement, timing, and function of the question prompts within the five 360 scene environments. For each scene, study participants commented if they should spin around to find additional questions.

The display of the viewer’s feedback to each question is appreciated by the study participants. The preview of every scene next to the questions received positive feedback. Participants liked the feature of accessible audio files and transcripts.