Usability Study for MU Extension Nexus@Mizzou Program


In spring of 2018, the IE Lab worked with MU Extension’s Nexus@Mizzou team and conducted a study on their recently updated website, The goal of the project was to evaluate the usability of the website and provide recommendations for improvement of the customer experience.
The study has been planned with two phases; the first phase, the IE Lab was asked to analyze a set of ten defined tasks and successful pathways users must take to complete them. Based on the tasks, IE Lab assembled a list of general users between the ages of 22 and 60, with various levels of technology proficiency to navigate the website, using different electronic devices while completing these tasks and talking through their process (task-based usability study with Think Aloud method). After observing users’ chosen pathways and post interviews, the team analyzed data and developed recommendations, which summarized the users’ actual experience with the system.
Phase II of detailed user testing will take place in 2019 after Extension has completed the consolidation of all program websites, content, online courses and events onto the platform.
As an example of recommendations that IE Lab user testing can provide to platforms like Nexus@Mizzou: