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Dr. Isa Jahnke’s Presentation in the PhD seminar at SISLT  

Dr. Isa Jahnke’s Presentation in the PhD seminar at SISLT  

Posted: Feb 02, 2016

Isa Jahnke shared her research experience about ‘iPads in Schools’ and showed results of her study conducted in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

‘When online and offline worlds are merging, for example through implementing web-enabled tablets in schools, a new kind of classroom is emerging: from collocated interactions to crossactionspaces. Under these new conditions, we studied teaching and learning designs in the classroom practice. Adopting the Digital Didactical Design approach in a study of almost 65 Scandinavian classrooms, the question was in what ways teachers adopt and integrate media tablets in their classroom practices for providing student meaningful learning opportunities. An exploration approach with partly structured classroom observations, interviews, and school visits, have been applied. The findings illustrate new and innovative forms of teaching and learning practices of ‘open learning expeditions’ that can be characterized as open-question-learning-environment, exploring topics within subject content, where more than one correct answer is possible. This study shows three clusters of Digital Didactical Designs in practice – a new emerging design can be characterized as Learning by Crossaction, other designs kept the traditional classroom which causes irritations and conflicts in tablet classrooms.’ said Dr. Jahnke.

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Dr. Isa Jahnke