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Team: Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students

Team: Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students

Our Team works together with researchers, partners and clients
to create and implement innovative service, learning, and research projects

Staff and Faculty

Joi Moore

Professor | SISLT Director

Dr. Joi Moore completed her doctoral degree from the University of Georgia in Information Technology. Before that, she had received a Master’s degree and Bachelor’s in Management and Computer Science from North Carolina State, respectively. She specializes in usability and user centered design.

  • Electronic performance support systems
  • Interactive learning environments
  • Designing user-centered web applications (human-computer interaction)

Isa Jahnke

Research Director | Associate Professor

Dr. Isa Jahnke completed her PhD from TU Dortmund University (Germany), and Professor at Umea University in Sweden. Her research focus on socio-techncal design and innovative use of emergent technologies such as mobile devices, media tablets and wearables

  • Technology-enhanced designs for learning expeditions
  • Mobile eye-tracking, smart glasses
  • Learning at the workplace and workplace studies

Sanda Erdelez


Upon completion of her Bachelor’s and Master’s from the University of Osijek, Dr. Sanda Erdelez completed her PhD from Syracuse University in Information Transfer. At the University of Missouri, she works with the IE Lab to study usability and information behavior.

  • Business and Competitive Intelligence
  • Legal Informatics
  • Users' Information Needs and Uses in E-Government, E-Commerce and E-Learning

Fatih Demir


Dr. Demir completed his doctoral program in Communications Design at the University of Baltimore in 2009. His doctoral dissertation was published as a book titled: Technology Use in Community Policing: Usability Evaluation by Eye Tracking Method. He also co-authored books, titled Research Methods in Usability and Interaction Design and one titled Q Method.

  • Research Methods in Usability
  • User-centered design in e-government
  • Communication and Persuasion Strategies
  • Digital economy

So Mi Kim


Dr. Kim earned her Ph.D. in Learning, Design, and Technology from the University of Georgia. The prior 10 years, she worked for the Korean Government in nation-wide ICT K-12 integration. She specializes in problem solving in technology-enhanced learning environments.

  • Science inquiry and argumentation as information-based problem solving
  • Critical task perceptions and goals
  • Technology based assessment and scaffolding design
  • User studies in emerging technological environments

Neeley Current

Lab Manager

Since 2004, Neeley Current has worked in the Allen Institute in varying capacities including programmer, and administrator. As Project Manager for the IE Lab, Neeley manages the team through all phases of project work.

  • Leadership
  • Transition & Change Management
  • Project Management

Greg Alexander

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Alexander, faculty of Sinclair School of Nursing, uses human factors theories to research interrelationships between humans, technology, their environment and work. His main focus is on evaluation of the nursing home industry's use of information technology in clinical practice, as well as:

  • Electronic health care record implementation strategies
  • Patient safety
  • Human factors evaluation in health-care settings

Jeff Belden

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Belden, Family Medicine faculty and family physician, works in the areas of electronic health record usability and visual display of information. His approach to user-centered design draws upon his experiences in photography, layout and software design.

  • Usability techniques in agile development processes
  • Visual display of quantitative information
  • Communicating risk information to patients in clinical settings
  • Use of sparklines in clinical dashboards

Research Assistants

Kodjo Atiso

Research Assistant

Kodjo Atiso is currently a PhD student at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri. He holds bachelor’s a degree in French and Political science and a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Ghana. His research interests include:

  • Digital Libraries/ Institutional Repositories
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Intellectual property and copyrights

Hao He

Research Assistant

Hao is currently a graduate student in the Educational Technology program at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies, University of Missouri. He holds a B.A. in English from Zhejiang University and worked as an English teacher in New Oriental for many years. His research interests include:

  • Instructional Design
  • Game-Based Learning
  • STEAM Education
  • Usability Evaluation

Minh Pham

Research Assistant

Minh is currently a Ph.D. student at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri, Columbia. She holds a master’s degree in Globalization and Education Change from Lehigh University. Her research interests include:

  • Mobile technologies for the enhancement of ESL learning and teaching
  • Game-based learning
  • Environmental education
  • Sustainability of teachers’ professional development

Shannon Bossaller

Research Assistant

During his professional career, Shann has been involved in project management, performance and process improvement, web development and technology consulting. Having earned his master’s in System Design and Development, he is now a PhD student with his main focus being Human Centered Systems & Engineering and Project Management Methodologies.

  • UX Research and Strategy
  • Persuasive Systems Design
  • Agile, Lean and DevOps
  • Analytics

IE Lab Alumni

Said Al Ghenaimi


[Dean at Oman College of Nursing and Allied Health] Said Al Ghenaimi worked with the IE lab while completing his doctoral program.

Kanwal Ameen


In 2009-2010, Dr. Kanwal Ameen, Chairperson of the Department of Library & Information Science at University of the Punjab, Pakistan, spent her Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellowship at MU collaborating with Dr. Sanda Erdelez on library website evaluation.

Josipa Basic


[UX Research Manager at Amazon, Berlin, Germany] Josipa worked in the IE Lab for over two years.

Oliver Chen


Dr. Chen utilized his interests in the design of media for a variety of users and information environments to oversee usability projects at the IE Lab from 2008-2009.

Weichao Chen


[Instructional Designer at School of Medicine, University of Virginia] Weichao (Vera) Chen once wored in IE Lab and completed her PhD at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at MU.

Camille Dickson-Deane


[Education/Instructional Designer - Ass. Prof at Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Melbourne] Camille worked in the IE Lab facilitating the IE Lab Global Network. She researched her doctorate in Learning Technologies.

Michelle Fiesta


[User Experience Researcher at SAP] Michelle worked as an undergraduate student in IE Lab. After graduation, she pursued a Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction.

Xiaoqing Gu


Dr. Xiaoqing Gu is a visiting scholar from East China Normal University, Shanghai, China for academic year 2009-2010. She is involved in the online learning project with the Chinese version of SAKAI, an open-source online learning management system.

Kenneth Haggerty


[User Interface Librarian at the University of Memphis Libraries] Kenneth worked in IE Lab for 4 years and earned his Ph.D. from the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri, Columbia in 2016.

Francis Kibaru


Francis earned his PhD from SISLT in December of 2014. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education, MSc in Mathematics, and MSc in Information Systems. He returned to his home country of Kenya to work for the Commission of Higher Education.

Nathan Lowrance


Nathan Lowrance worked with the IE Lab during his first year of doctoral program in Information Science & Learning Technologies leading several projects as well as helping administrators improve lab procedures. He has now returned to the lab after working for the past year on an electronic heath record guide.

Li Lu


[User Experience Architect at MetroStar Systems, Washington D.C.] Li Lu attended SISLT doctoral program in the spring of 2011 and worked in IE Lab.

Yunhui Lu


[Risk Investigator,, Seattle, WA] Yunhui worked extensively on library-oriented and healthcare IE Lab projects.

Yanfei Ma


[Learning Environment Administrator/Analyst, Sheridan College, Toronto Canada] Yanfei worked with the IE Lab during her Master’s program in Educational Technology and the first year of doctoral program in Information Science & Learning Technologies.

Anindita Paul


After completing her doctorate in December 2009, Anindita was promoted to User Experience Specialist in the IE Lab. Dr. Paul is now an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Management.

Ben Richardson


Ben is currently a doctoral student in the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies. He earned his Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science at Wayne State University. Ben brings a variety of experiences to the IE Lab garnered from his work at academic and special libraries.

Dinara Saparova


Dinara holds Master’s and Candidate’s degrees in Comparative Linguistics. Dinara brought innovative usability techniques to the IE Lab including use of performance metrics, digital card sorting, and persuasive design techniques. Currently she is working on her dissertation research at SISLT.

Kristen Schuster


[Lecturer of Digital Curation, Department of Digital Humanities, Kings College London, UK] In 2012, Kristen Schuster worked with the IE Lab during her first year of doctoral program in Information Science & Learning Technologies.

Olesya Shtynko


Olesya Shtynko worked with the IE Lab during her first year of Master’s in Library Science. She is now a graduate student at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

Andrew Tawfik


Andrew Tawfik worked with the IE lab while completing his doctoral program. After completing this doctorate, Andrew joined the faculty at Concordia University Chicago within the College of Graduate and Innovative Programs.

Kim Thompson


In 2008-2009, Dr. Thompson worked with the IE Lab to study information seeking behavior and search interfaces of libraries.

Cherie Turner


Cherie Turner worked with the IE Lab while completing her Master’s in Library Science. She is now the Chemical Sciences Librarian at the University of Houston.

Vanessa Adams


Vanessa Adams was a PhD student at the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri. She holds a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Missouri. She is now the director of Independence County Library, Batesville, Arizona.

Ngoc Vo


Ngoc Vo worked in the IE Lab on various usability projects while earning her Masters degree in Educational Technology. She graduated in summer 2009 and is pursuing her interests in Interface Design and E-Learning.

Jiazhen Wang


Jiazhen Wang received her PhD in Information Science at MU. She is currently a usability analyst at Sigma Aldrich.

Xin Wang


Xin Wang received her PhD from the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies at MU. She is a now a lecturer at the University of North Texas.

Gary Westergren


Mr. Westergren worked for eight years as R&D Manager for the School of Information Science and Learning Technology, MU and oversaw the business development of the IE Lab.

Wanli Xing


Currently a PhD student in the MU Information Science & Learning Technologies program.

Borchuluun Yadamsuren


Dr. Borchuluun Yadamsuren received her Ph.D. in information science and M.A. degree in journalism from the University of Missouri. She earned her M.S. and B.S. degrees in computer science from the Novosibirsk State Technical University. Her research interests include User information behavior, serendipitous information discovery, gaming, health informatics, and human computer interaction.